Online Services

Let us help enhance the efficiency of your banking operations? Find out how we can seamlessly integrate into your supply chain or call (812) 949-9051.

Online Services. At Falls Cities Printing, we aren’t just a provider. We’re a partner, constantly expanding our services to enhance the efficiency of your banking operations and delivering the best service at the lowest possible cost through our online services.

Print on Demand. Having to inventory several months’ worth of forms is highly inefficient from cost and space utilization standpoints. With our Print On Demand services, you can buy forms only when you need them and still get volume savings with contract pricing. Falls Cities Printing operates as your “virtual warehouse.”

Digitized Workflow. Even though our product is primarily “old school” printed forms, our Digitized Workflow enables electronic ordering, tracking and payment through your choice of EDI or Email Interface using our proprietary Kronos Select® Purchasing Software.

Kronos Select® is a custom written web application and interface that links the internet to Falls Cities Printing workflow. This creates a seamless workflow from your computer to our presses, eliminating program management fees for additional savings.

Simplified Billing. Monthly summary billing is available.

Explore More. There are many factors to consider and questions to be asked when reviewing a supplier of banking products. We look forward to discussing your specific needs and the unique solutions offered by Falls Cities Printing. Call us at (812) 949-9051 or contact us via e-mail to learn more.